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About me

Welcome to Clackamas Middle College's website.  I hope you are able to get the information you need from this site.  We have a very unique school aimed at building college and career readiness skills for each student.  We do this to help bridge the gap from one educational system (K-12) to another (higher education) for our students.  The staff at CMC is very passionate about achieving our mission each year as we continually improve our classes, programs and school to better meet the needs of all of our students.

In order to reach our mission, I have taken all that I have learned throughout my educational experience and applied it to Clackamas Middle College to lead a school that provides a relevant and rich educational experience for all students.  I believe in utilizing our resources to provide the social and academic support to successfully transition students from high school to college while enrolled at Clackamas Middle College.  

All of our graduates will be well prepared for either college or careers and make significant progress toward their life goals.  Because Clackamas Middle College connects change and choice through opportunity, every student who enrolls is able to say:  

"I am College"

Educational Experience
  • Graduate, Charles Marion Russell High School (CMR), Great Falls, Montana-1987-1991
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Education, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 1996
  • Teacher of English, Yuma High School, Yuma, Arizona-1996-1998
  • Teacher of Language Arts, Rex Putnam High School, Milwaukie, Oregon-1998-2003
  • Teacher of Humanities (founding member), New Urban High School, Milwaukie, Oregon-2003-2006
  • Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA), Clackamas Middle College, Oregon City, Oregon-2006
  • Masters of Science (MS) in Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 2007
  • Initial Administration License (IAL), Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 2007
  • Vice-Principal, Clackamas Middle College, Oregon City, Oregon-2007
  • Principal, Clackamas Middle College, Happy Valley, Oregon-2008-Present
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership: Administration, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 2014