Principal's Message

November 1, 2020


CMC Families,


We are over halfway through the trimester, and school and classes are moving full steam ahead during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  As we prepared for the implementation of a new educational format, and gave our staff, students and families time to adjust, it is time to look at the best ways to support our students and families who are struggling during CDL.  It is also time to look at our school, improve our practice of education during CDL, and create a positive, inclusive college readiness culture. 


Now that we have progress reports showing which students are thriving and which students need extra support, we are moving to a critical time of the term to provide extra supports and guidance to help prepare all of our students for our college readiness culture during CDL.


We have formed a communication team to reach out to students and families needing extra support to help them understand and navigate school during CDL.  I am proud to say that I am on this team alongside Crystal Eschweiler, our head secretary, and Michael Ferber, the counselor for students in our College Prep Program.  We have met with, and will meet with students and families to identify the need for support during CDL.  The good news is that it is very efficient to meet with students and families during Google Meet to explain how the process of CDL works.  A few of the strategies we have communicated to families of students struggling are listed below and good to share with all families:


  • Look at the Sample Student Schedule (to the right on this page) to understand the times for teacher office hours
      • If students are struggling in a class, they should visit their instructor during office hours. 
        • After a live classroom session (synchronous), they should visit their instructor during the light green times for the appropriate period.
        • Before students engage in the work from the class outside of the live classroom sessions (asynchronous), they should visit their instructor during the light purple times for the appropriate period.
        • If students need assistance in the College Readiness Seminar (advisory) class, they should visit their instructor during the light yellow time for Wednesday.


We are very excited with the steps we are implementing to improve our school around our shared mission/vision during CDL.  As a school and with individual staff members, we are focused on streamlining our school improvement goals, student growth goals, and staff professional goals.  This is particularly important during CDL as we all need to be moving together during CDL for school improvement.  This year we are focused on affirming student identity through engagement, staff collaboration around creating a coherent approach to student success, and creating and maintaining a college and career readiness culture. 


Through our collaborative approach in creating an equitable college readiness culture, we are hoping to provide our students with a world-class, innovative education to prepare them for the world after Clackamas Middle College.  This is true both with students reporting physically or during CDL.


As always, make sure to check the announcements and calendar on our website for events and information.  We, at CMC, want to make sure we are providing a quality education and unique opportunities to each student who comes through our school. 


Thanks for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we continue to improve our practices around Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

Take care, and stay safe.
Brian Sien, Ed.D.
Clackamas Middle College