Principal's Message

October 1, 2019


With the 2019-2020 school year underway, I want to take this opportunity to thank our students, parents and staff for all their help in getting the school year off to a successful start. We have a great group of new students!  This year, we are continuing with our equity work with the theme of Every. One. through our monthly College Readiness Symposiums.  With this focus, our school year should be a success for the CMC community. 


As we continue to remove barriers to student success and build leadership capacity, every student should feel emotionally and academically safe and part of an accepting school culture.  To accomplish this goal for our school culture, we are looking to affirm each students’ identity at CMC through:

    • Personalized learning opportunities in and out of the classroom
    • Each student is known well by at least on adult in our building
    • Affinity groups of students coming together who share something in common with each other


Our College Readiness Symposium each month to ensure that each student can: build college readiness skills one-on-one with each advisor at CMC, learn about college and career and how it connects to each educational plan, understand how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with the demands of high school and college, affirm his/her own identity at CMC, participate in fun activities to connect with others attending CMC.  To sum it up, College Readiness Symposiums will focus on:

    • The why? What is the purpose and why each student chose CMC
    • Affirming each students’ identity
    • College readiness skills
    • College and career awareness
    • Health and wellness
    • Improving our CMC community
    • Enjoyable activities for our students


As we continue down the path toward school-wide improvement, it is necessary to understand how teachers are assessing student work.  It is also imperative that students are part of the process in assessing their own work and others as well.  Our teachers are committed to work on effective and efficient ways to do this, and hopefully, our students will benefit from these best practices.

As always, we continue to use data collected throughout the year to help with comprehensive school improvement. We use this data to identify areas for improvement.  Data drives our improvement at CMC, and every year we improve this practice to ultimately benefit our students, our staff, and our school.


As always, please look to our website and mailings for information regarding our calendar, activities, shuttles etc… We want to make sure you are aware of any announcements as they pertain to CMC and your child.


We are very excited about this school year, and believe we can improve our educational system to provide our students with an innovative, unique, and quality education for preparation for life after high school. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


… I am College…




Brian Sien, Ed.D