Principal's Message

May 1, 2024


As we head into the home stretch of the school year, May is a busy month where we set up a successful end to the 2023-2024 School Year.  We will be administering our state assessments for all CMC juniors, hosting our virtual conferences, providing extra support through our Student Support Day, celebrating with our CMC Recognition Day, and enrolling students for the upcoming school year in September.  It looks to be both a busy and rewarding time for all in the CMC Community.


On Friday, May 3rd, CMC will be administering the Oregon Smarter Balanced Assessment to all juniors.  All juniors and graduating seniors with outstanding graduation requirements will need to attend on Friday, May 3rd.  All other students in CMC’s College Prep Program are not required to attend school on this day.


On Friday, May 10th, we will be hosting our spring trimester conferences for students and families needing extra support and guidance to help them successfully complete the school year.  This will help set up our Student Support Day on Wednesday, May 15th, for students struggling in classes due to skill deficiencies, absences, missing work, or low-test scores.  Throughout the year, our community greatly benefitted from the Student Support Day as students were able to work with their instructors closely for success in each class.


On Friday, May 24th, CMC will be celebrating our students with the CMC Recognition Day.  This day is to recognize and celebrate our students for the great work they have accomplished throughout the year.  During this day, we also want to celebrate our graduates, their accomplishments and future after they leave CMC.  After the celebration, we will be going bowling to finish out the day.


Lastly, we are currently accepting applications for next school year.  If interested, please go to our website, and click on the Apply Now link.  If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please reach out to Crystal Eschweiler at [email protected].


As always, stay informed about activities at CMC by checking our website and website calendar for the latest news and updates.


Brian Sien,
Ed. D.Principal
Clackamas Middle College