Principal's Message

January 3, 2023


As we transition into our second trimester, it is important to be informed on our programs at CMC.  If your child is new to our school, or if you have any questions about our unique programs, please don’t hesitate to contact our counselors for program descriptions, requirements, and protocols.  Also, please check our website as it contains important information about programs and upcoming events.  The website is updated continually to make sure our students and parents have the most recent information pertaining to CMC.  As this term begins and rolls on, we will continue to build college readiness with all our students through College Readiness Seminar, and we will be visiting area middle schools either virtually or in-person as an outreach to students to inform them of the wonderful opportunities at Clackamas Middle College.


Through our bi-weekly College Readiness Seminars we will continue to do the following:

    • Provide peer mentoring and social support for a positive school climate and encourage a college-going school culture.
    • Encourage student engagement by ensuring that every student has at least one adult, at school, who knows and cares about him/her. 
    • Enhance student achievement by helping students evaluate and reflect on their own skills, interests, and accomplishments and then make plans to improve.
    • Assist students in demonstrating the new Oregon Diploma Requirements: Education Plan and Profile, Career-Related Learning Experiences, and Essential Skills.
    • Assist students in building college and career readiness standards.
    • Provide students support and structure in demonstrating readiness for post-secondary opportunities.


For students who don’t know about Clackamas Middle College, our counselors will begin their visits to the district middle schools.  These visits have helped with awareness about our school, and because of this, we have enrolled some of our best and most successful students.  We try to get current students who have previously attended the area middle schools to help with these visits to answer any questions students may have about our school and programs.  If you have any questions about these visits, please contact one of our counselors.


Finally, I would like to congratulate students who made it into our Pathways to College Program.  We have selected 19 students who have acquired college readiness skills and are ready for their next step in the college journey.


Most of all, I would like to thank our wonderful students who have made this school year a success so far. I also would like to thank all of you who constantly support your child to make them better students. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission and vision.


Best wishes to you and Happy New Year!






Brian Sien, Ed. D.


Clackamas Middle College