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College Prep Program

Clackamas Middle College has a program designed to help students obtain college readiness skills. Students who enter CMC, and haven't been assessed by our staff, or haven't developed the college readiness skills for success at the college level, are placed into CMC's College Prep Program. This program is designed to help students develop the college readiness skills for postsecondary success.  The College Prep Program has seven highly qualified teachers in each content area, three visiting college instructors, an academic/learning specialist, and an AmeriCorps member. The classes that are offered in the CMC's College Prep Program are generally the core classes of Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Sciences. There are also classes which fulfill graduation requirements such as Youth Take Action and Senior Internship. 

In order to give students an opportunity to earn college credits and see what the expectations of college are, CMC offers many options to students in the College Prep Program:

  1. Visiting college instructors teach college classes on-site where students will earn dual high school and college credit
  2. Teachers at CMC are articulated to teach classes for both high school and college credit

For more information: Michael Ferber- CMC Counselor- College Prep