School Profile

Clackamas Middle College is a public charter high school sponsored by North Clackamas School District. 
Clackamas Middle College enrolls students from all over the Portland Metro Area. Our students come from varied socio-economic and academic backgrounds with many different languages spoken. Our students are enrolled within three of our programs aimed at postsecondary readiness. The following is a breakdown of our students in each program:
  • College Prep Program- 138 students
  • Pathways to College- 51 students
  • College Extended Options (CEO)- 45 students
The following is a breakdown of the demographics within our school:
  • 61%-Female
  • 38%-Male
  • 1%- Non-Binary
  • 6%-Asian
  • 2%-African American
  • 74%-White
  • 13%-Hispanic
  • 5%-Two or More
  • 7%-SPED
  • 34%-English Language Learners