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Welcome to the web page of Clackamas Middle College Counselor’s Corner.  We hope you will find useful information here.
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Adapted National Standard/Goal

Our goal is to provide the guidance, counseling, and support necessary for students to be successful in the academic, social/personal, and career planning areas of their lives. Or as we like to say, to provide for students to learn to learn, learn to work, learn to live, and learn to contribute. 

At Clackamas Middle College, we believe that every student has a unique combination of gifts and talents which when discovered, developed and given back to the world will provide that student with a sense of accomplishment and personal worth. To be available to help and encourage each student to discover his/her own personal strengths is a primary role of the counselor.

The Counselor assists students in achieving their highest potential both academically and personally. An emphasis is placed on helping each student accept personal responsibility and seek optimal education experiences. Fostering high self-esteem and maintaining a positive school climate are also goals of CMC’s counseling service.

We provide the following services to CMC students:

  • Graduation tracking
  • Class scheduling (both at CMC and at CCC)
  • Post-high school planning
  • Scholarship information
  • Mediation
  • Problem solving
  • Alternative education referral and processing
  • Special education referral and processing
  • Community agency referral
  • Assist in communication between students, parents, and staff
  • Resources/recommendations for personal-social, academic, and career counseling

Parents are encouraged to check regularly with teachers and contact counselors for further assistance concerning their child.

The CMC counselors integrate a comprehensive guidance and counseling program that facilitates student growth and self awareness. We strive to develop the whole student by assisting them in:
  • Learning to Learn (Academic)
  • Learning to Work (Career)
  • Learning to Live (Personal/Social)
  • Learning to Contribute (Community Involvement)