Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Clackamas Middle College are aligned with those of the North Clackamas School District. At CMC, 24 credits are required to graduate.
In addition to the credits listed below, all students must meet NCSD proficiency standards in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Smarter Balanced (state test) in both English language arts (ELA), and math must be attempted and passed with the scores of 2515 in reading, 2583 in writing, and 2543 in math for all graduating seniors.  
The Oregon’s Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS-state test) will be used for the science, and graduating students must attempt the test three times, and pass with the score of 240.  
At CMC, graduating seniors must also have taken and passed the Youth Take Action and Internship Experience courses along with the 20 hours required for each course.
Requirements for standard diploma
Subject Area & Credits Required
  • Language Arts
    • 4.0
  • Mathematics
    • 3.0*
  • Social Science
    • 3.0
  • Science
    • 3.0**
  • Health Education
    • 1.0
  • Physical Education
    • 1.0
  • Second Language, Fine Arts, Career/Technical
    • 3.0
  • Electives
    • 6.0
*Mathematics credits must be at the Algebra 1 level and higher.
 ** Two of the three Science credits must be lab based. Other graduation requirements:
Other Graduation requirements:
  1. Develop an extended application that includes an education plan and profile and completion of two career-related learning experiences;
  2. Demonstrate extended application through a collection of evidence; 
  3. Participate in career-related learning experiences.
The district shall offer students credit options provided the method for obtaining such credit is described in the student’s personal education plan and the credit is earned by meeting requirements described in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-022-1131. 
Essential Skill & Assessment Options
Read and comprehend a variety of text:
A claim score of 2515 on the reading portion of the Smarter Balanced English language arts test
Two reading work samples, at least one informational. Score of 12 across the three traits, with each individual trait score of at least 3.
ACT 18
Compass 81
SAT 440
PSAT 44 
Write clearly and accurately:
A claim score of 2583 on the writing portion of the Smarter Balanced English language arts test
SAT 460
Total of two work samples (in two of the following):
  • expository
  • persuasive
  • narrative
Score of 4 on each of the four traits
Apply mathematics in a variety of settings:
An overall composite score of 2543 on the math portion of the Smarter Balanced test
Total of two work samples in two of the strands: Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Score of 4 on each of the four traits plus accuracy.
ACT 19
Compass 66
SAT 450

Scientific Inquiry:

One scientific inquiry work sample will be completed in each science lab class.

Students must make two assessment attempts in reading and mathematics (at least one during junior year) and one attempt in writing before accessing work samples to fulfill the Essential Skills graduation requirements.