Clackamas Middle College

College Readiness Seminar

CMC Mission: Clackamas Middle College provides an inclusive, innovative, and challenging personalized education that cultivates and prepares independent learners for college and careers. 


The purpose of the CMC College Readiness Seminar is to develop a positive school climate and prepare students for success in CMC Pathways, CEO, post-secondary opportunities and career development.


CMC College Readiness Seminar is designed to:

  • Provide peer mentoring and social support for a positive school climate and encourage a college-going school culture.

  • Encourage student engagement by ensuring that every student has at least one adult, at school, who knows and cares about them. Research shows that student engagement is the best prevention against dropping out.

  • Enhance student achievement by helping students evaluate and reflect on their own skills, interests, and accomplishments and then make plans to improve.

  • Assist students in demonstrating the new Oregon Diploma Requirements: Education Plan and Profile, Career-Related Learning Experiences, and Essential Skills.

  • Assist students in meeting Key Learning Skills/Ownership of Learning and Key Transition Knowledge and Skills.

  • Provide students support and structure in demonstrating readiness for CMC Pathways and post-secondary opportunities. This specifically includes time management, organization and communication skills.
The College Readiness Framework
  • Personal Health and Well-Being
    • Growth mindset
    • Intrinsic motivation
    • Bullying
    • Depression
    • Suicide
  • Reflection through Writing Skills
    • Each College Readiness Seminar class will expose all students grade 9-11 in CMC’s College Prep Program to a writing process which internalizes the steps for producing a finished piece of writing and integrates the stages of pre-writing, drafting, reader response, revising, editing, publishing, and self evaluation/reflection.
    • Each College Readiness Seminar class will expose the aforementioned students to the elements and language within assessment rubrics of narrative, expository, or expository research papers in order to help each student improve his/her writing skills during the writing process.
    • Each College Readiness Seminar class will organize and sequence the learning activities around quality instructional outcomes to optimize the engagement of each student.
    • Each College Readiness Seminar class will personalize the writing process by connecting all students to the college and career process as it connects to their lives and interests.
  • College Readiness
    • Time management
    • Organization 
    • Persistence
  • Career Readiness
    • College research
    • Career research
    • Skill building
      • Goal setting
      • Resume writing
      • Interviewing