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Clackamas Middle College Volunteer Program

Clackamas Middle College Volunteer Steering Committee
Mission Statement:
We exist to facilitate excellence to our students, faculty, and CMC community through focused attention on accessing and meeting their needs.  It is our goal to provide specific action steps that will allow continuous, positive, growth of our school.  We will create an atmosphere of success with timely support and genuine concern for every student and faculty member of Clackamas Middle College.


Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Clackamas Middle College!

How can you get involved?

Step 1:  Please contact CMC at 503-518-5925 if you are interested in volunteering.  Let us know when and how you would like to serve and any changes in availability. 


Step 2: Complete the Volunteer Application Package located to the right
 and fax it to 503-518-5928 OR mail it to:
 Clackamas Middle College
12021 SE 82nd Avenue
Happy Valley, Oregon, 97086
Step 3: We will contact you to come in for an interview.

Volunteer Program Goal

Involve community resources to enhance the education of children in the schools.


  • To develop an environment that encourages friendly relations between community and school.
  • To meet the special needs of individual children.
  • To help close the generation gap by providing opportunities for students and senior citizens to exchange ideas.
  • To enrich curriculum by adding the experience of the volunteers special interests and hobbies to the knowledge of the classroom teachers.
  • To build an understanding of school issues within the community, encouraging widespread involvement in the education process.


Who Are School Volunteers?

 They are parents, grandparents, senior citizens, college students, neighbors, and business people to name a few. Volunteers are an important part of our schools educational team. It is teamwork - staff and volunteers working together - that enables us to reach a common goal: to provide our students with the best education possible!


How Can Volunteers Help?

  • Tutor students who need special help and assist in the classroom, library, or office.
  • Make materials for class use, displays, and special school events.
  • Correct papers or work on instructional projects at home or outside of school day.
  • Chaperone field trips.
  • Serve on school advisory boards, site councils, or other committees.
  • Share careers or hobbies.


Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering makes people feel good - physically and emotionally.Giving your time and energy to work with students is a great investment in your community and the future. Besides helping you feel good, volunteering in North Clackamas brings the following benefits:

  •  Tax Deductions - volunteers can take 12 cents off their income tax for each mile driven while volunteering.
  • Job Experience - valuable experience is gained for future employment opportunities. The state of Oregon and United States government are current examples of employers accepting volunteer time as work experience.