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CMC Counseling: College Planning Resources


Need a little structure in your life? Below are some resources to help you keep track of your progress on your way to college.

Oregon Opportunities Workbook 21-22 A user-friendly online workbook designed for Oregon students that contains information on everything college-related from the FAFSA to the college selection process. 

College Board Big FutureProvides students with resources to pursue their college and career goals. Includes college searching and matching tools and much more.

College Navigator - Free resource provided by the National Center for Education Statistics for personalized college searching, matching tools to generate a list of schools for you, and information about paying for college.

Virtual Tours of Colleges & Universities - This resources allows you to explore campuses from the comfort of your home! 

Checklist for Submitting Applications and Essays- Need help with those college applications and essays? This checklist might just be the ticket to writing that stellar essay.

Comprehensive College Planning for Students and Parents in Grades 9-12. Click on "Prepare" for grade-level checklists or download each year below. 

9th Grade Checklist- It's your first year in High School! Its not too early to map out your educational path to success.

10th Grade Checklist- A helpful checklist to keep on the road to success.

11th Grade Checklist- Next year is closer than you think, be sure to get all your ducks in a row this year.   

12th Grade Checklist- The student checklist provides a calendar for helping you stay on track during the busy time of applications and deadlines.

SAT & ACT Information

News Flash:
Oregon’s Public Universities (and most other colleges) Won’t Require SAT or ACT Starting Fall 2021.

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