Class of 2022 » Let's Celebrate the Class of 2022!

Let's Celebrate the Class of 2022!

As we gear up to celebrate the Class of 2022 with our graduation ceremony in June, this page will be used to:
    • Give out important information to the Class of 2022 and families regarding graduation and events
    • Highlight students within the Class of 2022
    • Celebrate graduates of the Class of 2022

The Clackamas Middle College Graduation Ceremony is on Thursday, June 2nd and is less than 8 weeks away!

Graduates, make sure to communicate with your counselor during the weeks leading up to graduation. To participate in the ceremony and walk at graduation; each student should be passing all classes by May 15th, and if summer school is needed, each student should be registered prior to the graduation ceremony.


Here are some IMPORTANT reminders for graduates!

  1. Do you plan on participating in the graduation ceremony? If so, you need to order a cap & gown to walk.
  2. Do you plan on submitting a photo for the Senior Page on the Clackamas Middle College website? It does not have to be a professional photo, you can send one that you took with your phone :) Please email it to me. We do not have a yearbook this year, which is why we are creating a Senior Page for photos. Please email it to me when you can.
  3. Do you plan on submitting 3 photos for the slideshow that will play at Graduation as you walk across the stage? Some students use current photos for all 3 pictures and some use a baby photo, elementary photo, sports photos, a middle school photo, and current....But you can use any 3 photos you would like. These are due by May 6th. Please email them to me.
  4. Senior Quote-This can be a quote by someone else or you can make up your own quote, just keep it appropriate of course :) If it is a quote by someone else, please include the name of the person. This quote will be shown with your 3 photos you submit for the Graduation Slideshow. Please email it to me along with the 3 photos by May 6th.
  5. Graduation Ceremony Survey- THIS IS IMPORTANT - Please complete by April 15th.
      • CMC Graduation Ceremony Survey-Class of 2022; Click on the link below for the survey:
          • CMC Graduation Ceremony Survey
            • What size graduation T-Shirt would you like?
            •  How do you want your name spelled on your diploma?
            • Do you want to perform at graduation?
              • If so, the deadline to email Karyn Renehan your draft/clip of speech and/or presentation is April 30th.
  6. Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal will be on Thursday, June 2nd at 12:00pm at Rolling Hills Community Church.
      • If you need transportation to the rehearsal a bus will depart CMC at 11:45am and return you to CMC at 2:30pm.
  7. Participating graduates, please be at Rolling Hills Community Church on June 2nd at 6:20pm.
      • We will take our graduation group photo at 6:30pm and line up to walk at 6:45pm.
      • Graduation will start promptly at 7:00pm.  The doors will be shut then to avoid any disruptions during graduation, please remind your family to be there by 7:00pm and no blow horns, confetti, or balloons will be allowed in the church, they can be kept in your family's vehicles until after graduation.
      • No tickets are necessary for admission, each graduate will be able to have unlimited guests attend.

Thank you for your help in preparing for your BIG day on June 2nd!

We are looking forward to celebrating you and your success!