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Clackamas Middle College provides an inclusive, safe and supportive community of respect with high expectations in a student-centered environment that cultivates and prepares independent learners for individual pathways to the future.
CMC is an inclusive and welcoming community. CMC community members share an excitement for learning and are empowered to advocate for themselves and others in a culture of respect and empathy.
CMC’s culturally responsive, standards-based, and student-centered curriculum/instruction values academic integrity while building independent learning skills through high expectations.
Collaborative feedback and authentic assessments provide multiple opportunities to problem solve, inquire, and create new knowledge to help students become independent learners.


1. Members of the CMC Community are valued, affirmed, respected, and are supported academically, socially, and emotionally.

2. Students in the CMC Community develop into independent lifelong learners with a personalized postsecondary path.

3. Members of the CMC Community benefit from flexible instruction and student-centered curriculum with high academic and behavioral standards.