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Clackamas Middle College provides an inclusive, innovative and challenging personalized education that cultivates and prepares independent learners for college and careers.
Clackamas Middle College is a safe non-restrictive community where students take risks and reflect to create an excitement for learning. Students are self-regulated, connected to the “why” of learning, and are acknowledged for their achievements.
The curriculum values multiple identities, rigor, and high expectations.  It is student-centered toward college readiness skills, and allows for teacher flexibility to create relevant learning experiences.  The culturally responsive instruction allows for active engagement of varied learning styles to connect to life and career plans.
Students are assessed collaboratively by students and staff, and this informs intervention and progress toward college. Assessment is authentic, differentiated, and connected to life and career plans.


  1. Members of the CMC Community are valued, their identities are affirmed, and they feel emotionally supported.
  2. Students in the CMC Community grow toward independent lifelong learning, and develop a personalized postsecondary path.
  3. Members of the CMC Community benefit from flexible instruction, student centered curriculum, and high expectations