CMC Community Chromebook Return Policy

May 23, 2023

Dear CMC Community,

As we near the end of the 2022/23 school year, below are a few notices about student Chromebooks for grades 9-12.

1.) All 9th-11th grade students will keep their device over the summer. For easy reference, our Summer Care and Help Resources will be posted on the desktop of every Chromebook. It is important to keep your child’s Chromebook charged, to ensure that it is in good working order at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. If your student needs to have their device repaired, please have them reach out to their school to make arrangements prior to leaving for summer break.

2.) All 9th-11th grade students who might not be returning to NCSD in the Fall of 2023 should let the school know and turn in their Chromebook and power adapter to avoid being charged for the device.

3.) All 12th grade students will turn in their Chromebooks along with their power adapters prior to their last day of school. The Chromebook will be checked in, removing it from the student’s account. If a device is damaged, then a staff member will make a note of the damage and assess a fee to the student’s school account. Please note: If a Senior student is attending a summer session or summer school, they will still turn in their assigned Chromebook and power adapter, as Chromebooks will be available at those sites for students to use.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.




Brian Sien, Ed.D.
Clackamas Middle College

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