Tolerance and Inclusivity at Clackamas Middle College

February 15, 2023

Clackamas Middle College Community,

We all want our school to be a place where students can be safe, take risks to learn, and build skills to be successful for life after high school.  To create an environment for learning, CMC will continually strive to be tolerant, safe, and inclusive for all!

During this school year and more recently, we have had acts of discrimination by a few of our students that have jeopardized the safety, well-being, and climate of our school community.

As the leader of a school that is unique among other schools, and where we value student differences, our unique approach and student diversity has made us one of the best schools in the state.  This is backed by our graduation rate of 97%, along with the fact that each graduate leaves us with an average of almost 70 college credits along with their high school diploma.  We pride ourselves on this success.

To maintain the level of our current success, and to honor the differences among our community, we will not tolerate acts of discrimination and intolerance at Clackamas Middle College. Any student violating our harassment and discrimination policy will be subject to suspension and possible expulsion.  There is no room for this behavior in a community of acceptance and tolerance as it threatens the existence of our unique educational system.

I encourage all families in our CMC Community to embrace our unique school by understanding the value of tolerance in an educational setting and applying this daily to our lives to enrich our community.  Together, we can achieve our mission to provide an inclusive, innovative and challenging personalized education that cultivates and prepares independent learners for college and careers. 

We are a school of choice and because of this, students who attend must understand that we need to build each other up for success, and that acts of intolerance and discrimination break us down and are not welcome in the CMC Community.

I am hopeful that we all can come together to make this happen.  Thank you for being part of an excellent educational community.



Brian Sien, Ed.D.

Clackamas Middle College