What Should I Expect from a Charter School?

So you’ve enrolled in a charter school, or maybe you’re still thinking about it — now what? With expectations at an all-time high for the many services that we engage with on a daily basis, it’s beneficial for all parties, no matter the relationship, to understand what to expect from that relationship. 

Setting our expectations early on in our relationship with students and families will help set us up for success as individuals and as partners in your journey to higher education and beyond. 

Here are a few things you can expect from Clackamas Middle College.

Independent learning and collaborative efforts 

With classroom environments tailored to your unique learning needs and a staff oriented to support your goals, you can expect an independent but guided learning environment as an attendee of Clackamas Middle College. Our teachers teach you how to learn, so that you not only have a successful academic experience, but also gain long-term skills for post-education success. 

Are there essays and tests you’ll be graded on? Yes, and while these can be important benchmarks, growing towards independent, lifelong learning is an even greater achievement. This is literally one of our goals as a school — to develop your thirst for knowledge as an independent person. 

Our vision for the student is one of self regulation. One that challenges, cultivates, and prepares independent learners for higher education and beyond. This work is done independently and collaboratively with teachers, counselors and peers allowing for active engagement and assessment by all involved. 

A clear pathway to success

From our College Prep Program (designed to help students develop college readiness skills), College Extended Options (acquire their high school diploma while also working towards either a college degree or certificate), and seminars, symposiums and internships, there is something for every student and their varying strengths, experience, and interests. 

In speaking with our staff, we can better understand what program would be best for the student’s needs and current academic level, creating a pathway to higher learning. All of our programs have well-planned and tested steps to success. Whatever road you choose to take, we’ll help you get there!

Transparent communication

Whether it be through email, a phone call, in person and virtual meetings, we strive for open communication with our students, parents and also within the community in which we serve. It is important to us as educators to ensure that the lines of communication are able to flow both ways- your voice matters too! Through our online resources for students and parents alike, we can foster an environment of understanding and appreciation for the efforts that all parties provide in striving for the future. 

While students and parents have opportunities to connect to staff virtually and in person, there are also opportunities to connect with our community. Through internships and volunteer work, Clackamas Middle College is committed to local community organizations through our service learning program and student lead projects. Our website is a great tool to explore our programs such as this one as well as other student and parent resources such as calendars, handbooks and contact information.


As we help to guide your student down the pathway to success, further education or into the workforce, know that our graduation rates are high, as are our college acceptance rates. Clackamas Middle College leads the district with a graduation rate of 96%. 

In recent years we have saved our families almost $500,000 in community college savings, and near $1.5 million in state university tuition. In our efforts to build a college-ready culture, recent student reviews of our school have shown 90% of students feel CMC prepared them for college and careers. 

These are strong, positive trending numbers! Great motivation for our teachers, alum and future students to keep growing, keep learning and keep aiming for their bright futures!

Clackamas Middle College is here to answer all of your questions and concerns about charter schools and what might be right for your student and family. Our open communication begins before you even enter the building or scroll through the pages on our website. 

We’d love to carve out a pathway to success with you and better understand your needs and desires you have in an academic experience. If you are interested in learning more on what we have to offer or have more expectations than what we’ve listed- reach out to our helpful staff. We’d love to chat with you!