What's the Point of a Charter School?

What is the point of a charter school? 

This is such a great question, and it’s one that we commonly are asked, especially from families that grew up in and are more familiar with the public or even private school system. 

Charter schools were created to provide more choices in public education. They operate without the constraints of traditional public schools, giving them the freedom to enroll out-of-district students and to develop a program designed specifically to execute the school's academic mission. 

Imagine a school that doesn’t have that red tape and bureaucracy holding up progress and ultimately the success of your child. Perhaps you’re living in a school district that isn’t known for great schools and are looking for an affordable alternative. 

Clackamas Middle College helps to bridge these gaps and provides a space that empowers teachers, and therefore students, giving them the autonomy to design a classroom that fits the unique learning style of the individual student. Let's take a deeper dive.


While a charter school can experience freedom from educational bureaucracy and classroom design, this does not mean there is a lesser standard of education or care for the student’s future. In fact, most charter schools hold themselves to a higher standard and therefore a more rigorous curriculum

Because we are publicly funded, we follow the same regulations that public schools do, but in addition, we are held to the regulations of the charter. Increased accountability ensures Clackamas Middle College fulfills every aspect of their educational responsibility. 

In addition to these standards, we have support staff to meet with students regarding everything from academic strategies to interpersonal skills. Our goal is to help you succeed well after your time here with us.


In addition to your success, the staff at Clackamas Middle College is here to ensure you feel valued as an individual. With our open admissions policy, we pride ourselves as being an inclusive campus and continue to foster a diverse community of students and families.  

Like a public school, Clackamas Middle College does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, or disability. We provide a safe space in which our students can focus on their studies and further their academic experience without distraction. 

Once enrolled, students will find a tailored learning experience. Of course there are requirements and set curriculum, but many find the classroom to be less ‘cookie cutter’ and one size fits all compared to other classroom settings. 

Just as in the real world, there are many different work and learning environments. Why not take that reality and bring it to the classroom, so that their academic experience is more closely related to the experiences they’ll be having in their post-academic years? 

Our students work together with others from all backgrounds, sharing their perspectives and their realities as they navigate towards higher education and their future workplace. 

You, the student

Ultimately you are the point of the charter school and why we at Clackamas Middle College exist. Not all public schools are suited for every student. Just as it is in the real world, not every opportunity is suited for every individual. 

We are all unique, and have different interests and talents. There should be a space for every student to succeed and display those talents. Clackamas Middle College is here to provide resources and services to allow for this safe space, and you are here to take advantage of all we have to offer in an environment designed to foster your learning style and challenge you academically. 

While attending CMC, you’ll work hand in hand with our educators and support staff to help foster independence, explore your academic interests and bring out the best you possess inside of you.

So, again, what precisely is the point of a charter school like Clackamas Middle College? Our purpose is to ensure your learning style and talents that lie within you are explored, discovered, and brought forth, so that you know how to use them to the best of your ability and apply them to the modern day world. 

You can engage in that exploration with your teachers and peers here at Clackamas Middle College. Ready to have an academic experience designed to help you bring out the best in yourself? Contact us to learn more about how you can attend CMC!