Updated Graduation Communication-Operation: Support, Recognize, and Celebrate the Class of 2021!

Clackamas Middle College (CMC) Graduates and Families,

 As we move closer to the end of the 2020-2021 school year, we are gearing up to honor our graduates.  CMC Staff are excited to present:  Operation: Support, Recognize, and Celebrate the Class of 2021!  The safety of our students and their families are at the forefront as we unveil the events for this celebration.   In order to properly celebrate the hard work our students have put into their education; we encourage each family to participate in all phases of Operation: Support, Recognize, and Celebrate the Class of 2021! 

 The first phase is: Support!  CMC Staff have been busy putting together graduate care packages to fully support the Class of 2021.  These care packages will be available for pickup during the week of Tuesday, June 2nd- Friday, June 4th between the hours of 8:30am-3:30pm.  For safety purposes, they will be located near the front door of CMC, and we ask that when you enter, you wear a mask.  These Graduate Care Support Packages will go out to each graduate’s family, and include the following:

    • Class of 2021 Yard Sign
    • Class of 2021 T-Shirt
    • Custom Clackamas Middle College Tote Bag
    • Cap and Gown (if ordered)
    • Honor Cord, Stole, and Medal (if applicable)
    • Graduation Recognition Celebration Program 

The second phase is: Recognize! CMC Staff are planning for the visual recognition of our graduates for their hard work and accomplishments.  They deserve this honor!  On Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00pm, a recognition video will be streamed on the Clackamas Middle College website.  We hope you take this opportunity to watch the video together with close family and friends to recognize each graduate.  The recognition video will include the following:

    • Class of 2021 Processional
    • Speeches from Staff and Graduates
    • Performances by Graduates
    • Slides and Quotes from Graduates
    • Where our Graduates are Going after CMC
    • Class of 2021 Recessional

The third phase is:  Celebrate! CMC Staff are organizing an opportunity to safely celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments with family members.  This will be the awarding of the diplomas.  Families will be able to hear their graduate’s name, see and hear their awards, and watch/cheer/celebrate as they receive their diplomas from CMC Staff.  There will be a photographer to photograph our graduates, and these will be available to families.  There will also be an opportunity for family to get a photo with their graduate.  We encourage families of graduates to bring their own seats/chairs for the ceremony if the weather cooperates.  We will do our best to include the pomp and circumstance of the celebration and awarding of diplomas.

This Celebrate! phase will take place on Thursday, June 10th, from 5pm-8pm in the Harmony Campus Parking Lot.  To ensure the safety of those involved, we will break up the graduating class into three groups with limited slots from 5-8pm.  One group will participate in the Celebrate! phase from 5-6pm; one group will participate from 6-7pm; and the last group will participate from 7-8pm.  A survey and details will be sent out soon to families for more information and to gauge their interest in a time that works best for them.  CMC will be honoring social distancing and state mask guidelines for all participants during this event.  The celebration will include the following:

    • Diploma
    • Biliteracy Seal Certificates
    • Family and Staff Celebration of Graduates
    • Photo Opportunity with Cap, Gown, and Diploma (optional for each graduate)

Much like last year, the Class of 2021 has been caught in a difficult situation during this pandemic.  We will take lessons learned from our celebration last year and improve on them to make the celebration even better!

Let’s all come together within the three phases to maximize this celebration while minimizing the risk to students and families.  We can’t control the outcomes of this pandemic, but we can come together for Operation: Support, Recognize, and Celebrate the Class of 2021!

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this time, and we look forward to celebrating a wonderful graduating class through Operation: Support, Recognize, and Celebrate the Class of 2021!

Take care and stay safe,


Brian Sien, Ed.D.
Clackamas Middle College