February Communication Update-Instructional Model Plans at CMC

February 26, 2021

CMC Community,

I hope you are all safe and well during this very unusual school year.

I wanted to reach out to the Clackamas Middle College (CMC) Community for an update on our current instructional model (Comprehensive Distance Learning -CDL), along with other instructional models that we may transition to in the near future.

Last evening (2/25/21), the North Clackamas School Board (NCSD) approved two recommendations on reopening schools.  One recommendation relates to elementary schools, and one relates to secondary schools.  The approved recommendation as it relates to secondary schools is to implement a secondary hybrid model when employees working with 6-12 secondary school student have had the opportunity for both COVID-19 vaccine doses, with Clackamas County still meeting the Health Metrics of below 200 cases per 100,000 residents, and with elementary schools demonstrating the ability to limit transmission in the school environment.

The NCSD Board then approved a proposed timeline to coincide with the approved recommendations.  The timeline as it relates to secondary schools is to transition to a hybrid model by April 26th (which is the beginning of the fourth quarter for most of the district secondary schools), assuming Clackamas County continues to meet the health metrics as outlined by the school board, and staff vaccinations continue on their current schedule.

Because CMC is a charter school, and on a different schedule than those secondary schools in the district (semesters vs trimesters); I want to take this opportunity to communicate any schedule and instructional program modifications as they relate to any transition to a hybrid model at CMC.

We will continue with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) for the remainder of the winter trimester through Friday, March 19th.  From now until then, we will be reaching out to all stakeholders (staff, families, our charter school board, and district leadership) to gather the necessary information to help with decision-making on this potential transition.

Because safety is our primary concern, we will begin our spring trimester on Monday, March 29th with CDL as we have with the previous trimesters.  This is to allow for CMC Staff to get vaccinated with both doses prior to any transition plans.  Our staff have begun the vaccination process last week (2/15) and should continue throughout March, and most of April.

As we look to next week, and through the beginning of our spring trimester (end of March and into April), we will begin planning on the best way to move forward with a potential transition to a hybrid model in a safe and effective manner for the CMC Community.  The planning will include feedback from stakeholders, creation of a hybrid schedule that can be streamlined with our current CDL model, submission of any plans for Oregon Health Authority approval, and updated information pertaining to metrics from Clackamas County.

If there is to be a transition to a hybrid model at CMC:

  • All staff must be have the opportunity to be vaccinated 
  • Safety protocols (Ready Schools Safe Learners Guidance from ODE) must be in place and approved by the Oregon Health Authority
  • Metric Health Guidelines for Clackamas County must be met
  • Creation of a hybrid schedule that fits in with our spring trimester and current instructional model (CDL)
  • Option for students to continue with CDL throughout the remainder of the school year
  • Approval to move forward with the aforementioned process from our charter school board

The NCSD School Board’s actions provide us, our students, and our families with a direction on moving forward.  Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we will continue to work together and communicate the final details of our planning to ensure a successful, and safe rollout.

I am excited for the possibility of students to return safely to our campus.  We will work to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment for each student.

I encourage you to look at NCSD’s Family Guide to Hybrid and Limited In-Person Instruction.  While the timeline may be a little different than that of Clackamas Middle College, there is important information in this document that relates to the CMC Community.

Our process will be updated as necessary to reflect the situation concerning the pandemic, and any changes and updates will be communicated to the CMC Community.

As always, thanks for your patience and flexibility in trying to help us serve each of our families.

We will get through this TOGETHER! 😊                                                                         



Brian Sien, Ed.D.


Clackamas Middle College