October Communication Update- Thank You and Tips for Success-10/30

CMC Families,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and flexibility in helping get the school year off to a successful start. This time was very difficult for all of us, but we feel we are moving in the right direction with the implementation of the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) format. I am hoping that students, staff, and families are settling into the expectations and routines of CDL, and that the fear of the unknown (regarding what school will look like during CDL) has passed. I also want to take this opportunity to share some tips and pointers that should help students navigate the remainder of the term successfully.
We have just completed half of our trimester, and as we move into November, we will begin our selection to college process for students who are "college ready," and independent learners. It is also necessary to identify and provide extra support to students who are struggling with the CDL format, or classes in general. Because of this, I have made a brief video with tips and pointers to help students and families who are struggling, access the appropriate level of support at Clackamas Middle College. Every student matters, and we want to ensure we are providing the proper support and guidance for success. To help with this process, I have attached the schedule to help with the tips and pointers along with the video.
Another exciting thing we are doing is to recognize students for their outstanding work each month through our Student of the Month Awards. Each student receiving this award will get a certificate and iTunes card mailed home for recognition of the hard work and dedication for each month. We encourage every student who receives this award, to send a picture with certificate to Crystal, our head secretary, ([email protected]), as soon as they receive the award. The student of the month awards and photos will be put on our website to celebrate all of the tremendous work put in by our students throughout the year. The photos and awards can be found at the following link: Student of the Month. Look to the right for each month's winners.
During our October Awards Presentation, we will also share the clubs and group activities at Clackamas Middle College. After analyzing the data from earlier surveys, students and families noted the need for social activities not only during class, but outside of class time. I am happy to announce staff at CMC have created over 10 clubs and group activities ranging from photography club to a book club. We will share this information during our October Awards Presentation so each student can find an appropriate club to join. I am attaching the clubs and group activities students may choose from to help with the process. In order to place students in the club they are interested in, they will need to complete a brief interest survey. The survey can be accessed through the following link: Clackamas Middle College Survey of Clubs and Group Activities. As we move further into the school year, we will look to stagger the schedule for club times, so students can join more than one club. For now, to get things started, students who are interested in clubs or group activities should sign up for the one that serves their best interest. Students aren't required to join a club or group activity, but it provides a social outlet to those interested.
Once again, I want to thank you all for your patience and flexibility in getting the CDL school year off to a successful start. As a community it is important to work together to meet the needs of our students. These needs may be extra support and guidance, the transition to our college programs, social/emotional support, and academic support.
As always, if there are any updates pertaining to Clackamas Middle College and CDL, we will communicate this to you regularly.
Thanks again, and have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
Brian Sien, Ed. D.
Clackamas Middle College
[email protected]