Updates from Absences to Engagement!

CMC Families,
I want to reach out to clarify communication regarding how we will process attendance for students during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  I apologize for any confusion during last week regarding tracking attendance during CDL.  This year, we will not be using the term "absence" but rather "engagement" as absences don't fit into CDL.  While implementing CDL, the attendance process will look a bit different, and we want to make sure that students and families are clear as we head into the first full week of school. 
This year, rather than tracking absences, we will shift to track student engagement.  The student engagement criteria during CDL will be: 
  • Synchronous participation only
  • Asynchronous participation only

  • Both Synchronous and Asynchronous participation

  • No contact, no communication

  • Communication from parent/guardian regarding students lack of participation

Guidelines from the Oregon Department of Education require us to track engagement at least once for each scheduled class each day for all students enrolled in school.  What does this look like at Clackamas Middle College? Please refer to the following regarding daily engagement checks for CMC students:
  • At the end of each day, CMC Instructors will record each student's engagement.
  • On Synchronous Days, CMC Instructors will record the level of student engagement (see student engagement criteria above) 
  • On  Asynchronous Days, CMC Instructors will:
    • Post class work in Google Classroom 
    • Review progress toward engagement in each class (students have 24 hours to demonstrate engagement in each class) 
    • Record the level of student engagement (see student engagement criteria above)  
In short, CMC Instructors will track assignments daily, but on Wednesdays, they will record student engagement in Synergy for Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Mondays, they will record student engagement in Synergy for student activity on Thursdays and Fridays.  Parents and students should be able to check for student engagement progress weekly.  In order to help support and guide students through their asynchronous learning, staff will have their office hours before asynchronous learning time throughout the week (see attached sample student schedule).
We are working to modify college selection criteria based on student engagement criteria during CDL, rather than using absences.  We are hoping to complete the college selection criteria this week.  When this is complete, we will share with students and families.  
In order to provide the appropriate support and guidance to each student during CDL, please complete the following survey.
As mentioned in earlier communications, if your family has been impacted by the fires, please click on the following resource: 
I want to thank you for your feedback throughout this CDL process, and we appreciate your comments to help improve CMC.  Collaboration with families this year is crucial for us to improve in order to provide our students the best possible education through CDL. 
Take care, and stay safe.
Brian Sien, Ed. D.
Clackamas Middle College
[email protected]