CMC will continue classes for the first week on Friday, September 18th at 8:30am (see schedule attached for times)

CMC Families,
This will be the last daily email sent out regarding our orientations, schedule, and classes to begin the school year at Clackamas Middle College for students in our College Prep Program.  For students in our college programs, I will send out communications as the need arises.
It was great to finally see our students and get everyone where they need to be.  I hope these emails have helped your family with communication regarding the beginning of the school year during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). 
I will send a survey next week to students and families to help us identify their needs throughout the school year as we continue with CDL.  I will also send out communications as the need arises throughout the year, so please be alert to these communications.
To those families who have been impacted by the fires, we (at CMC) are sending you our positive thoughts along with the following resources to help.
Please refer to the following for classes on: Friday, September 18th.  We are hoping that all students are familiar with their schedule, and we will complete our first week of school.  If your daughter/son knows their schedule (via StudentVue), and how to access Google Classroom, they may report to their 1st Period class at 8:30am.
If students are confused as to how to report to their 1st Period Class on Friday, September 18th, please have them follow the directions below to enter the CMC Virtual Commons at 8:15 am on Friday morning, and we will get them to their first period class.
  • Please click on the link below to enter the Clackamas Middle College Virtual Commons for Wednesday, September 17th at 8:15am
      • 1st Period- Friday, September 18th @ 8:15am
      • When you get into the CMC Virtual Commons, please click on the Meet link at the top of the page to get you into the CMC Virtual Commons to help you get to your assigned courses.
The links to the videos from the two orientation sessions last week are listed below:
Once students enter the CMC Virtual Commons on Friday, September 18th, we will help them navigate to their classes.  It would also help for students to enter the CMC Virtual Commons at 8:15am, so we can get them to their first period class by 8:30am.
Again, your patience and flexibility is much appreciated!
Brian Sien, Ed. D.
Clackamas Middle College
[email protected]