Welcome Back! First day of school for Grade 10 Pathways 1, Grade 10 Pathways 2, and all College Prep Students (all new students to CMC are College Prep)

Welcome Back! First day of school for Grade 10 Pathways 1, Grade 10 Pathways 2, and all College Prep Students (all new students to CMC are College Prep)
9/6/2022, 8:45 AM 2:45 PM

August 24, 2022

Clackamas Middle College Community,

I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a safe and wonderful summer. For those new to the Clackamas Middle College (CMC) Community, welcome! We look forward to working with all families to utilize the lessons learned from the last two years to produce a quality education for each student this school year.

Our top priority at CMC is the safety of our students, so like in years past, we will be actively collaborating with ODE, OHA, and NCSD to provide the safest education possible. This school year we will encourage the best tools to protect individuals: vaccinations for those eligible, physical distancing, face coverings, ventilation and airflow, handwashing, and staying home if ill or exposed to someone with COVID-19. Updated information on safety practices will be provided as necessary throughout the school year to keep families safe and informed.

Everyone in the CMC Community shares the responsibility to keep our school community safe and healthy. This responsibility asks each person to both maintain their own health as well as respect the individual decisions of others regarding their own health and safety. This mutual respect shown by adults provides a powerful example for all the students in our community. It is expected that persons exhibiting COVID like symptoms should NOT enter any of our facilities.

CMC staff will work diligently during the next few weeks to schedule students with required high school classes for graduation. Schedules will be made available during the first week back (Tuesday, September 6th). Students in our college programs will take in-person classes for the fall term through CCC and can access their college schedule through their college account. As updates become available, I will make sure to share any information in a timely manner.

While the specifics of the schedules for students are being completed within the next few weeks, we want to keep families informed of the following information pertaining to the schedule:

o School will begin for all students in our College Prep Program (not college programs) on Tuesday, September 6th
o Classes will run daily from 8:45am-2:45pm
o Most students will be enrolled in a four to five period schedule
o Students are scheduled into classes based on high school and college need
o Students in our college programs will take in-person courses through CCC
o Student group and club time will be built into schedule
o A daily 45 min-1hour lunch break will be provided
o CMC will provide check-ins, community building, social-emotional well-being, opportunities for additional support, college and career guidance, and content area course work
o Daily guidance/support through CMC Counselors and School-Based Therapist

We want to ensure reliable school in-person, every school day, for all students, all year long, which focuses on the safety and equity of our CMC Community.

Thanks for your cooperation. We, at CMC, are very excited to work with our new and returning students and families to make this year a safe and successful one! Together, with your partnership, our students will succeed and move toward college and career opportunities while enrolled at CMC.

As always, for information pertaining to specifics of school at Clackamas Middle College, look for weekly emails, letters, or postings on our website. Pertinent information will be updated daily.

Take care, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Brian Sien, Ed. D.
Clackamas Middle College
[email protected]

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