Pathways & CEO Textbooks are DUE to Crystal as soon as you are done using them, no later than Wed., March 20th

Pathways & CEO Textbooks are DUE to Crystal as soon as you are done using them, no later than Wed., March 20th


Please turn in your CEO textbook(s) by 
March 20th
 at the latest
 You should be done with your finals and using the book(s) at that time. Please bring them to CMC, put them on my desk, put a sticky note with your name on the book(s) so I can check them in. Please put them by my computer, NOT behind my desk
 on the glass nor 
 those are books already processed.  

If they are not turned in, you will be billed for the book
 These book(s) are used by all students, so if you don't turn them in, we will have to replace them....and we will bill you for the book. 

If you are needing to be reimbursed
* P
lease fill out the pink reimbursement sheet 
(can be found at my desk by the bell schedules, also attached here if you choose to print it) 
* Complete the pink sheet with the needed information and s
taple your original receipt to the pink form. Put the completed form with the book
 along with a
* Self addressed envelope (example of a self addressed envelope is attached here, l will mail you the check in it, so you will want to make sure it addressed correctly, I have extra envelopes at my desk if you need one)
* Place the book, pink reimbursement form with receipt attached, along with self addressed envelope on my desk....Next to my computer please. 

The pink sheets are by the bell schedules, PE logs and other handouts on my desk. 
The envelopes are on my desk next to the basket with the sticky notes.

I can
 reimburse you if you do
have the original receipt or the book to turn in to me. 

I cant NOT reimburse you if you purchased the book without requesting it from me...Chances are we may have it here to check out to you, in that case, I can NOT reimburse you. But....If we do not have the book here and you requested it from me before purchasing it, you WILL be reimbursed. 

I can NOT reimburse for Workbooks, Lab Manuals, Workbooks, Ebooks, and/or Access Codes since these can not be reused. 

Thank you for getting 
the text
 returned and checked in to me
other students are in need of these
 for their Spring CEO Classes
 and I need to get them checked out to them. 

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