HD-100 College Survival (CT)

Kami Aguilar
Spring 2019
Pathways to College
This class provides strategies for creating college success including self-awareness, personal responsibility, understanding self-management, increasing motivation, meaningful goal setting, effective study habits, and use of on- and off-campus resources.
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Spring 2019 Class Dates:
  • April 5th - No Class: Online Assignment
  • April 12th
  • April 19th
  • April 26th - No Class: Symposium
  • May 3rd - No Class: State Testing
  • May 10th
  • May 17th - No Class: State Testing
  • May 24th - No Class: CMC Recognition Day
  • May 31st
  • June 7th


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HD-100 (CT) Final Project Guidelines
Due June 7th by 12 pm (75 points)

Part I – Planning & Preparation for Next Term (15 points)

Login to MyClackamas, pull up your Academic Evaluation, download it as a pdf and email it to me as an attachment: (15 pts)

Part II – Planning Beyond Next Term (60 points)

In a Google Doc, write 3 pages typed (double-spaced, 12 point font, share with me upon completion) to describe your long-term goals as you continue to attend CCC and work towards high school graduation. In addition, describe your current plan for next steps after high school. Be specific! (25 points)

  • Do you plan to attend a 2-year or 4-year college after graduating from CMC? If so, what are the admissions requirements for YOUR chosen school(s) - GPA, SAT/ACT scores, high school curriculum, etc? Are you on track to attend these schools? If not, what do you need to do to improve your chances of being admitted?
  • If you’re undecided about attending college beyond CMC’s program, how might you go about researching the best option for you? What are some other options you are considering?
  • What specific steps can you take in the next 2-3 terms to help you reach your long-term goals with regard to classes you might take, activities/experiences you could pursue, leadership roles in your area of interest?
  • List 5 specific resources you will use in your path towards your post-high school goals and how/when you plan to access them. These can be people, places, services, websites, etc.  

RESOURCES: AAOT worksheet, CCC Catalog, CCC website search, Opportunities Booklet, CMC Ed Plan


Assignment DUE in class on Friday, April 12th
  1. Review the HD-100 class syllabus (linked to class webpage). Highlight any questions you have regarding the expectations of the course.
  2. Watch this video: Informational Interviewing Video
  3. Read the attached article (attached below): Informational Interviewing - Get the Inside Scoop on Careers
  4. Complete the Informational Interviewing Worksheet (attached below). Bring it completed to class on Friday, April 12th.