Pathways eligibility and selection review - Request a Nomination form from your Advisor if interested

Pathways eligibility and selection review - Request a Nomination form from your Advisor if interested

PTC eligibility and selection review in CRS. 

Request a Nomination form if interested in Pathways to College Program.

  • Paper - Nomination Form

  • Electronic - Nomination Form

Clackamas Middle College

Pathways to College Program


Program Goals:

  • To provide students the opportunity to earn dual high school and college credits toward a high school diploma and a college degree or certificate

  • To provide academic and social support services to help students succeed in college courses

  • To expand course offerings for CMC students

  • To increase college readiness, and postsecondary success

  • To reduce barriers to college access through systematic support and guidance

Program Description/Structure:

The CMC Pathways to College (PTC) program consists of three cohorts of students who complete three consecutive terms of college courses with CCC instructors at the CCC Harmony campus. PTC students interested in pursuing a transfer degree will complete courses foundational to four-year college and/or university transfer degrees. PTC students interested in pursuing a career/technical degree will complete courses foundational to two-year college associate degrees or certificate programs. 

All PTC courses consist of only CMC students and are taught by instructors that work collaboratively with CMC staff to ensure student success as they prepare to transition to the College Extended Options (CEO) program. PTC courses accentuate college-level reading and writing, and require students to have a solid foundation in these skills for success. 

All PTC course tuition and fees as well as books are covered by CMC. Students in the PTC program may also have high school classes at CMC as they work toward the completion of their diploma requirements.

The CMC PTC counselor works closely with each student to track their success, update and maintain their educational plan, provide academic, career and socio/emotional support as well as teach their Friday course: College Transition Support. These courses focus on key transitional knowledge and skills to supply each student with all the tools necessary to achieve success as a full-time college student.

Program Expectations:

All students selected for the PTC program are required to sign a contract agreeing to the expectations of the program. 

  • Student Behavior:

    • While on campus at CMC, PTC students are expected to behave appropriately and not disturb students, staff or classes. While on campus at CCC, PTC students are expected to abide by the Clackamas Community College student handbook. 

  • Attendance:

    • PTC students are expected to attend all classes. If a student is unable to attend class, PTC students are required to proactively communicate absences with CMC staff and PTC college instructors prior to absence. Absences due to family vacations are not excused absences. PTC college instructors are not required to provide makeup opportunities for absences.

  • Email:

    • PTC students are required to check, read and respond to BOTH their CMC email and CCC email everyday. PTC students agree to respond to any communication by their CMC counselor within 24 hours.

  • Grades:

    • PTC students are required to earn “C” grades or higher in all classes (Pathways college classes and CMC high school classes) as well as abide by the Academic Standing Policy in order to remain in the program.

  • Other: 

    • PTC students agree to take all of the attempts on the state tests in English/Language Arts, Math and Science according to the required state testing timeline.

    • PTC students agree to give to their CMC counselor a midterm progress report half-way through each term by the given due date.

    • PTC students agree to meet with their CMC counselor each term to update their academic plan.

    • PTC students agree to pick up my books at the front desk at CMC during the first week of classes (all books are the property of CMC and need to be returned at the end of final’s week).

    • In addition, PTC students should understand that:

      • Late work is not typically accepted by college instructors. 

      • Retakes are not typically given.

      • Transitioning to the college program too early can impact your course planning for diploma completion.

Program Eligibility:

College Readiness Seminar

The role of the College Readiness Seminar (CRS) course is to prepare students to enroll and succeed in college courses in CMC’s PTC at the Clackamas Community College Harmony Campus. In addition, the CRS course focuses on college and career readiness by developing independent learner traits, building skills in the areas of time management, organization, persistence, and engagement. CRS advisors educate and assess college readiness in each student and work with them to prepare them for the PTC Program. Each CRS advisor takes into account the following as well:

  • College Ready

    • Upon review/conference with the advisor, eligible 10th-12th grade students will receive a score of 3 or 4 in all indicator areas on the Independent Learner Rubric showing the student is demonstrating independent learning skills in CRS. A score of 1 or 2 in any area indicates independent learning hasn’t been reached yet and signifies that continued growth is needed to achieve college readiness.  

    • 9th grade students will be eligible for nomination the spring term of each year. Eligible 9th grade students will receive consistent scores of 4’s across the rubric in all classes throughout the year. 

    • A minimum of two consecutive terms will be reviewed to determine college readiness.

    • Not maintaining a full academic schedule may affect your eligibility for the PTC program.

    • Students need to be on track to graduate to be considered for the PTC Program.

To maximize the success for students in CMC’s college programs, selected Pathways to College students will be required to exceed high school standards. Students just meeting high school standards may not be selected.

  • Grades

    • A grade of D, F or NP or a late withdrawal in any class indicates independent learning hasn’t been reached yet, and there is a need for growth.

    • Grades alone (i.e. straight “A’s”) ARE NOT the sole indicator of college readiness but are considered in conjunction with scores on the independent learner rubric.

  • Engagement (see Independent Learner Rubric)

    • A student is not eligible for nomination if not engaged in for 6 or more days per term.

    • Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration (i.e. illness, loss, etc). Family vacations are NOT considered extenuating circumstances.

    • Students working towards selection into CMC’s Pathways to College Program should complete all assignments and be prepared for assessments by stated due dates. 

* The Pathways to College Program requires the Clackamas Middle College staff to take a myriad of factors into consideration when selecting eligible candidates. Each advisor reserves the right to nominate students who meet the aforementioned criteria.

Selection Timeline and Process:

During College Readiness Seminar, advisors will review eligibility criteria and the selection process. Advisors will review and set goals with students regarding progress toward eligibility for the PTC Program during one-on-one student conferences. The procedures will inform students and their families about the Pathways to College: rationale/philosophy, goals, description/structure, eligibility of students, and the selection timeline and process. 

Student Role:

  • In CRS, using the college readiness rubrics, students will self-assess their progress toward independent learning throughout the term

  • Complete Independent Learner Rubric and one-to-one conference with advisor during designated conference time to review and set goals around eligibility 

  • Students will complete the Student checklist for selection 

  • Students will proactively communicate their interest in being nominated to all their teachers and ask for feedback for growth

  • Receive a Request for Nomination to Pathways to College form from your advisor (around midterm)

  • Turn in your completed Request for Nomination to Pathways to College and an essay from any of your current classes that you believe is “college ready” to your advisor by the due date for that term

  • If selected, attend the Pathways to College Program Orientation

Parent Role:

  • Review the Pathways to College Program procedures with your student

  • Review your student’s Request for Nomination to Pathways to College form

  • Answer the question on the Request for Nomination to Pathways to College form

  • Sign the form acknowledging your understanding of the process

  • List any questions/concerns if necessary

  • If your student is selected, attend the Pathways to College Program Orientation


Advisor Role:

  • Present and/or review PTC Procedures (including eligibility) with students at the beginning of each term and send a copy of the information to parents/guardians through ParentVue

  • Review completed Independent Learner Rubric during one-to-one conference with student to review and set goals around eligibility

  • Distribute Request for Nomination to Pathways to College form to interested students during advisory/CRS (around midterm) and send a copy of the information to parents/guardians in their CRS through ParentVue

  • Collect completed Request for Nomination to Pathways to College forms from interested students by the due date for that term 

  • Review completed Request for Nomination to Pathways to College forms, complete Independent Learner Rubrics and determine nominations

  • Place names of students receiving a nomination on the PTC Program Selection Matrix. If a student does not receive a nomination, list concerns and reasons on the nomination form and return to the student prior to the selection meeting.

  • Attend a selection meeting with Independent Learner Rubrics. Take notes in the space provided on the Request for Nomination to Pathways to College form for each student on why the student was or was not selected this term.

  • Debrief teacher feedback with applicants during designated one-to-one conference time for the term

  • Head secretary to send letter home to parents of all students who are selected to the Pathways to College Program

Teacher Role:

  • Support all students working toward college readiness by providing constructive feedback and positive reinforcement in the classroom

  • Prior to midterms, provide feedback to advisors during staff meeting regarding current college readiness skills of interested students

  • Use the Independent Learner Rubric throughout content courses

  • Prior to the selection meeting, thoroughly complete PTC Selection Matrix 

Counselor Role:

  • Update selection matrix regarding previous term success for nominated students

  • Support advisors, students and parents through PTC selection and transition process

  • Provide Pathways to College Orientation to selected students and parents

  • Reinforce student expectations once enrolled in the PTC program

CMC Selection Committee Role:

  • The committee is made up of CMC staff.  The committee reviews student data (Educational documents, Independent Learner Rubric, current grades, grade history, engagement, progress toward diploma completion, etc) and selections are made based on established criteria. 


  • Applicant: Any student that wants to be part of the PTC process and completes an application on time

  • Nomination:  Any student that turns in an application whom the advisor reports has met the minimum requirements of the PTC program. These students will be discussed and evaluated by all classroom teachers as to their college readiness.

  • Selection: A student that has been selected by the CMC staff to move into the PTC program

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