Clackamas Middle College

Pathways to College Program

CMC's Pathways to College (PTC) Program helps to provide a seamless transition from high school to college.  PTC bridges students' dreams with student success. In order to get into CMC's PTC Program, students must:
  • Meet qualification to get nominated by their College Readiness Seminar Advisor
  • Get selected by teachers through CMC's College Prep Program
  • Once selected, students fill out an early college application
  • Once students turn in their application, they will attend an orientation session with their parents/guardians
Once students are admitted to PTC, they are enrolled in entry level college courses during the course of a year.  These classes help support and provide students with the necessary skills to transition to a full-time college student.  
  • Students are engaged in groups of 20-25 CMC students throughout the year. Students in PTC are encouraged to continue taking their high school courses at the CMC campus.
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