Student of the Month » April 2023

April 2023

  • Florian Trotter-Awesome start to pathways
  • Ben DeSemple-His consistent academic success
  • Sammy Houston-Rockin' it in all of her classes
  • Theo Dayton-Improved persistence and time management
  • Madison Bain-Great participation and achievement in intermediate algebra
  • Yuvi Hailemichael-Asking good questions and diligently working to better their understanding
  • Laura Wolchesky-Strong positive start to data reasoning
  • David Litvinov-Addressing his grievance with the government entity
  • Mia Sanchez-Franco-Excellent work in American Literature and showing persistence and a positive attitude
  • Theo Pinker-Pursuing his future with confidence and passion
  • Josie Matveyev-Consistent hard work and achieving success in college
  • Diamond Torres-Persistence and dedication to her academic success
  • Dina Shbeb-Fighting for her education with hard work and determination
  • Kevin Medina-Believing in himself
  • Emily Grigorov-Always having a smile on her face