Student of the Month » January 2023

January 2023

January 2023
  • Demitri Evans- Excellent reflection and participation
  • Anika Couch- Her calm, quiet focus and confidence
  • Ace Nassar- Killin' it in Math 105
  • Yohan Alvarado-Lopez-Impressive engagement in biology
  • Ayleen Villanueva-A strong start to winter term
  • Abigail Cooney-
    Attention to detail and the value of learning
  • Ethan Trudeau-Consistent engagement and success in geometry
  • Mila Danilyuk-Great participation and critical thinking
  • Jonas Carter-Excellent ensemble, skills, work ethic, and creativity in drama as literature
  • Joshua Krasnogorov-Consistent hard work, determination and focus on his future
  • Vika Leonchik-Setting the bar high and achieving college success
  • Rylie Eastabrook-Garcia-Persistence and dedication to high-quality work and taking positive risks in the classroom outside of her comfort zone
  • Vika Gornichar-Much improved student skills
  • Molly Wilensky-Turning things around and believing in yourself