Student of the Month » November/December 2022

November/December 2022

November/December 2022
  • Aaron Truong- Persistence and willingness to step outside his comfort zone
  • Audrey Gutierrez- Being an all-around rock star
  • Sofiya Stetsyuk- Always bringing a positive vibe to college transition support
  • River Allen-Persistence and dedication to success
  • Jillian Ramirez-Effort and achievement in PCLL
  • Eduardo Castillo Rivas-Excellence, hard work and quiet confidence in anatomy
  • Sabrina Kahl-Achievement and engagement in geometry
  • Charlie Berry-Consistent awesomeness
  • Finn MacWilliams-Enthusiasm, positivity, and "Saying yes!" in drama as literature
  • Uliana Shireva-Proactively planning her future and striving for success
  • Malia Beckman-Demonstrating outstanding college success skills and working toward her future goals everyday
  • Audry Calixto-A positive attitude, persistence, and going outside her comfort zone
  • Natalie Kishpaugh-Always having a smile while doing things
  • Michael Shartner-Perseverance and lots of hard work