Student of the Month » October 2022

October 2022

October 2022
  • Karla Silva Gutierrez- Demonstrating excellent leadership and willingness to support
  • Erik Antipkin- Awesome participation in college transition support
  • Kena Wilson- Demonstrating strength and resilience
  • Yoval Hailemichael-Outstanding academic excellence
  • Hayden Aldridge-Consistent persistence and asking good questions
  • Julia Lyubchenko-Diligent work and attentive to the learning process
  • Jack Woodworth-Asking excellent genuine questions in geometry
  • Lila Gerlach-Increased engagement and success
  • Ariana Shkurinsky-Stunning and creative work in drama as literature
  • Tammisha Torres-Consistently crushing her goals
  • Miles Coate-Demonstrating college success skills
  • Savanna Hicks-Producing high quality work and demonstrating excellent critical thinking
  • Ebony Lopez-Having an outstanding attitude
  • Ivan Rudnitskiy-Working hard and giving it your all