Student of the Month » September 2022

September 2022

September 2022
  • Andrey Pavlenko-Exceptional attention to detail
  • Lane Farley-A strong start in PCLL
  • Ashley Timm-Critical thinking and attention to detail-recipe for success!
  • Abby Renner-Diligent dedication in geometry
  • Lizzie Shea-Engaging from the start
  • Eddy Oleynik-Awesome participation in drama as lit. Bravo!
  • Isabel Morser-Being proactive and tackling her college applications
  • Kiana Crisafulli-Taking her education seriously, working hard and persevering!
  • Aidan Colvin-For exceptional work and persistence in Modern World History
  • Becca Uribe-Ponce-Great improvement in school
  • David Sarafinchan-Being a positive asset to CMC