Student of the Month » April-2019


  • Xander Volk- Strong start in algebra 2A
  • Kevin Clifton- Excellent engagement in bioethics
  • Ethan Skowronek- Setting the bar high in anatomy
  • Manakel Taylor- Deep meta-cognition reflection and perseverance
  • Eseniya Zinkina- Paying more than lip-service to her learning
  • Julietta Zubenskya- Excellent work in both film as lit and creative writing
  • Justin Valyaskiy- Growing into his full potential as a student
  • Estelle Trieu- High Quality Work in HD-100
  • Rose DeSemple- Perseverance and time management
  • Maggie Nichols- Determination to finish strong
  • Jineen Lee- Her organized start to pathways
  • Galina Patsarenyuk- Achieving her goals and planning next steps for a successful future
  • Austin Hain- Demonstrating growth in persistence, time management and communication to achieve college success
  • Jorge Gutierrez- Working very hard
  • Emily Leontiy- Her strong work in pathways and showing strength by asking for help
  • Jonathon Johnson- Resilience and academic improvements