Student of the Month » January/February-2019


  • Julia Bressel-Starting strong in geometry
  • Angela Opanasyuk-Her focus and attention to detail
  • Brandon Orick-Consistently engaged and wanting to learn
  • Jocelyn Riehle-Strong engagement and persistence in mathematics
  • Dana Zhuchenya- Manufacturing value from raw materials
  • Trinity Zinn- Starting this term strong in Hero's Journey and putting in a solid effort
  • Jorge Gutierrez- His patient, steady effort in all of his classes 
  • Angela Bellanger- Persistence, passion and purpose in planning her goals
  • Conner Corbett- Outstanding college role model
  • Sebastian Trone- College role model
  • Aileen-Hernandez-Maltos- Coming in early to study every day
  • Ruslan Fursov- Demonstrating his pathways readiness with excellent time management and organization skills
  • Kolbe Flynn- Strong work ethic and tenacity in WR 121 and COMM 111
  • Olga Rachila- Demonstrating excellence and persistence in her T2 classes
  • Raechel Krasnogorov- Continually setting the bar high in her pathways classes