Student of the Month » November 2018

November 2018

Student of the Month-November 2018
  • RoseMary DeSemple-Persistence and achievement in geometry
  • Jack Kammerer- Excelling in the art of physics
  • Katie Dudrov- Near perfection in algebra 1
  • Andrew White- Demonstrating cultural understanding
  • Raechel Krasnogorov- Creativity and artistry in English 3-4
  • Aleta Pavlenko- Excellence in personal organization and writing
  • Mikayla Gillis- Trying to be her best
  • Ihor Bukatar- His hard work, honesty and persistence
  • Hugo Molina-Excellent class participation and proactive communication
  • Jerek Jellison-Proactive persistence in his college classes and internship experience
  • Leeah McCarthy-Strength and persistence in overcoming adversity to achieve academic success
  • Emily Leontiy-Demonstrating excellent organization and time management skills
  • Michan Handbury-Running the store like a boss
  • Cameron Berg-Going out of her way to help younger students with their work
  • Kimvy Nguyen-Persistence, patience, and passion in planning her future
  • Kaitlyn Cormack-Taking care of business with the college application process
  • Sebastian Trone-College role model