Clackamas Middle College

Student of the Month » September/October-2018


  • Levi Hampton-Persistence and achievement in geometry
  • Spencer Cormack-Starting the year strong with his eyes on the prize
  • Noe Rodriguez-Excellent service to CMC and Community
  • Gehrig Frey-Realizing his personal manifest destiny
  • Nicholas Johnson- Starting the year strong and showing serious effort in literature
  • Estelle Trieu- Having a true love of learning and a willingness to help others learn too
  • Marisol Navarette-Suarez- Holding herself to a high standard and helping others achieve high standards too 
  • Daniel Velazquez- Being a college role model and taking advantage of career opportunities
  • Raquel Vega- Gonzalez- Taking charge of the college application process
  • Vlad Kuzmenko- Starting strong
  • Autumn Prisel- Starting strong
  • Alexandra De La Torre- Starting strong
  • Jeffrey Johnson- Starting strong
  • Michael Johnston- Coming to school prepared, on time, with a positive attitude, giving it his all everyday
  • Izak Lutz- School pride