Clackamas Middle College

Student of the Month » April-2018


  • Clayton Hackett- Strong start in algebra 2A
  • Sydney Charlot- Strong start to the term
  • Adrian Gonzalez- Claiming his humanity through hard work in algebra 1C
  • Sam Castillo- Breaking the curve
  • Victoria Gerber- Starting strong at CMC and in creative writing
  • Emily Leontiy- Drive and focus this term
  • Elona Zhiryada- Pushing herself toward excellence and encouraging others to do the same
  • Kayla Faull- Incredible winter term
  • Tyson Koopman-Baker- Stepping out of his comfort zone and representing CMC
  • Gianna Piombo- A super strong start to pathways
  • Kameron Barone- Consistency, hard work and excellent class participation
  • Dominic Davis- Coming in hot at the finish line
  • Maddie Powers- Finishing strong with hard work and motivation