Clackamas Middle College

Student of the Month » February 2018

February 2018

  • Mackenzie Bowman- Quiet confidence and achievement
  • David Mulyar- Much improved work and attentiveness
  • Angela Opanasyuk-Dedication to mathematical excellence
  • Dorian Dhadli- Putting his best foot forward
  • Anna Khabarova-Always giving 110% effort and bringing drama and creativity to mythology
  • Alondra Galindo Montiel-Studying hard and slaying her health and bio tests
  • Kolbe Flynn-Always working hard and demonstrating both skill and integrity
  • Melinda Shearer-Stepping out of her comfort zone and achieving success in college
  • Samantha Rusnak-Incredible improvement in attendance and exploring her future career options with excitement
  • Ester Yantsen-Challenging herself and pursuing her passion to help others
  • Mekedes Ferriera de Azevedo-High quality academic work and excellent time management
  • Jaedin Archer-Consistently maintaining excellence in her college classes
  • Anisiya Zhiryada-Active class participation and strong college-level work
  • Darian Forrette-Her determination to stay organized and manage her time effectively